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    Can Only do internet viewing with certain devices/methods


      So I have a slingbox setup at my folks house.  I set it up for internet viewing and worked fine.  I havent touched anything since (and neither have they) It worked fine all along.  Now I cannot connect to it with certain devices/methods.


      I can internet remotely view with..


      My Laptop(s)

      My Desktop

      Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 (My Old Phone)

      Android Evo (My New Phone)


      But throughout all this time I cannot connect with my Slingcatcher or my wife's Windows Mobile Motorola Q9C.


      All the settings and login passwords are fine with those devices.  Just cannot connect.  How come I can internet remotely view with those but not with the others?  I even tried looking for software updates and also reinstalling it fresh on the Q9C version of slingviewer


      Any help appreciated thank you