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    Another user has taken over your stream... how?


      HI all, excuse ignorance as very new to this... With help of brother in law based in UK have used a Slingbox Solo to send Sky to my laptop here in Singapore. Worked fine for a day or so, but now am finding that I get kicked out whilst watching, with a message that "another user has taken over your stream". I try logging out and back in, and when I then try to watch, get a message that my slingbox is busy, do I wish to take over the stream? I confirm yes... and then within 20 secs am booted out again.

      Only my brother in law and I know the device code and password, how can this be occuring? Also I notice the herbert that IS using the box has dreadful taste and insists on changing channels...!

      Help if you can please or my young kids are going to be devastated tomorrow when their favourites are not available.... Thanks a lot!