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    Slingbox cannot be seen on slingcatcher or laptop remotely


      A 2 month old Problem. I recieve the error message "cannot connect to the slingbox, network problem" I cannot connect to the slingbox remotely from my laptop or my sling catcher. I CAN connect from within the house where the slingbox is located. The hard reset was done on the slingbox and the router. all the lights on the slingbox are lit correctly. The router was replaced by the internet provider and configured by them. The slingbox IS recognized by the modem. When the configuration of the modem was done I get the message saying that "THAT YOU ARE READY FOR WORLDWIDE VIEWING" I am at a a loss. I am pretty sure the Slingox is ok since I can connect to it locally. Is the anyone who has had this problem, done as much as I have and still has the problem?

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          callanish Apprentice

          After the router was installed and you did a hard restore of the slingbox, did you or they configure the router to port forward correctly to the slingbox? During the slingbox setup process, did you choose fully automatic port forwarding rather than manual port forwarding?  Do any remote viewing warning signs come up on your slingbox when you go to




          and sign into your account?


          If you do get a remote viewing warning sign, then my guess is it has to be a router port forwarding issue. Some routers don't do UPNP and if you tried the setup using automatic port forwarding, I'm wondering if that's the reason for the remote viewing problem. You'll need to access your router, open port 5001, re-run the sling setup, choose manual port forwarding and add your ip address into the manual network setup. If you've done all that and you are still getting a remote connection issue, then I'm sort of stumped.