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    All lights blink rapidly.


      Suddenly, all the slights in the Slingbox logo plus the power lights blink together at the rate of a little more than once a second.  Unplugging it doesn't make any difference, as the lights resume blinking the instant the box is plugged in.  Resetting it also doesn't make any difference as, again, the lights ignore pushing the reset button for five seconds.  Any ideas?

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          I am absolutely furious with Slingmedia.  Nowhere, I repeat, nowhere does the company address the problem of all the lights blinking and the slingbox becoming totally unresponsive.  They know of course, because it was they who programed the box to do exactly that when something was wrong.  I called up.  The dumb and uncivil girl who answered told me that they wouldn't even talk to me unless I paid them $40.  I asked what would they tell me. She told me that she would tell me what was on the website or in the knowledge base.  I explained that I had already check these out thoroughly.  She said that, if she couldn't help me, I was just out the $40.  I asked what would happen if I bought another one for $150.  Would they apply the $30 to that purchase.  The answer was no.


          So in short their machine breaks down (after 1 year 2 months) and they won't provide any answers and they won't provide any help.


          Anyway, I finally figured out that the problem was not with the Slingbox at all, but rather with the power supply (the box-like device one plugs into the wall on one side and at the end of a 4 foot cord into the slingbox.)  All one needs do is to go to Radioshack and pick up another one for a couple of bucks.


          Speak of total incompetence.  I ordered a replacement.  I will now refuse that order upon delivery and will cancel the purchase.


          What the h... is wrong with these people?