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    Desktop app failure, but browser add on works (sort of)




      I un plugged my sling box for a few hours while movies stuff.  After it was all hooked up, I could not use the slingbox player app on my windows 10 computer.  It said I had to re configure the sling box again.  I did this.  But when ever I launch the sling box desktop app again, it still says I have to configure It yet again.


      But - if I launch firefox (which I down loaded the latest add on for slingbox), it will work.  Well, for maybe 1 minute, then I get a script failure error message.


      I have yet to try IE or Chrome.


      Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong with the slingplayer desktop app?


      I did re install the slingplayer desktop app.  I am running windows 10 64 bit.  I have about 94Mbps down load speed. I have a slingbox 500


      Suggestions welcome.