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    Sky Q via Slingbox HDMI?

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      Has anyone managed to connect their Slingbox to Sky Q via HDMI?

      It functions well via the AV socket on the Sky Q mini, but the picture quality isn't great.


      I read that this HDMI -> Component converter worked with Sky+HD (according to the reviews) so I thought I'd try it with Sky Q.


      But it doesn't, even with resolution set to 1080i.

      I plugged it straight into the HDMI out of my Sky Q Silver.


      I've read that there are HDMI splitters which work with UHD & HDCP2.2. Will that get my HDMI -> Component converter to work, or is it a lost cause?

      I'd be interested to know if anyone has got it working and what adaptors/converters they used, because I really only need one Sky Q box to use at home and the ability to watch elsewhere via my Slingbox. This would save on multi room charges.


      I have a Slingbox 350.