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    Used Slingbox Can't Be Found

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      I recently got a used slingbox that was said to be in good condition. It doesn't have all of it's original packaging or anything, but it looks like it really is in good condition as far as I can tell. I hooked it up the way I wanted, and can watch TV normally or do any of the normal functions I need to. Now I was trying to get the network portion of the slingbox working and connected. The part that actually lets me share and view TV or whatever according to what it is connected to.


      I don't have Internet right now, but I can have temporary Internet connections for the day when I need them on certain days. I wanted to get it all set up with that, so that when I get my Internet back - my real Internet, I will have less work to do.


      So first I hook up the temporary Internet. The slingbox 350 is already properly physically connected to the network. It goes through a switch which is hooked up by uplink to an older but still functional switch. That is hooked up to my router. That is the network connection.


      I had to manually put in the port forwarding ports 500-502, because I couldn't get the UnPnP to work properly in my router. But that is what I decided I preffered to do anyway. I used the MAC address printed on the bottom of the slingbox to set up my MAC filtering, and yes, it has a static IP address via DHCP. It has the address I can't get a response back when I ping it, but this might be normal. It might have a firewall or something else that has that turned off on that box. I disabled my firewall on my client machine for this setup for now. So then I went to the watch.slingbox.com site (redirects me a few times) and then did the process to view it. I have a sling account already. I did do a hard reset of the box. It can't find my slingbox so far. What am I missing? Or did the box actually come in a broken state after all?