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    Yet another slingbox pro dead network port!!


      My first box had the network port die a month before the warranty ended. they replaced it, (back when you actually got live support after 90 days). It worked for a year, and now this one has the same thing, no light on the network LED and no connection.

      They obviously have a known problem with this port.

      I loved my box when it worked, but I will not buy a new one, as I see the problem hasn't gone away with the new ones.

      Too expensive a product for such lousy dependability.


      And the worst support I have ever encountered. I tried 4 times to get an ***** support person on the phone, and each time they disconnected in the middle of the call.


      i will not buy this product again, even though I loved it when it worked.


      ...word of mouth adverstising from disgruntled customer is a *****.


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          Hi, bookooc.


          The following link will allow you to know how to apply some troubleshooting steps in order to fix this issue.


          The Network light on your Slingbox is off


          Make sure to follow the recommended steps and let us know how it works.

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            I just bought a slingbox pro hd. I have this same problem right out of the box! The network light NEVER lit up. When I do a reset NOTHING happens. I have a $300 brick on top of my cable box. Customer service will not help me at all. I faxed my Best Buy receipt to them this a.m. After reading these forums, I just want my money back This is obviously a defective product. To top it off, Best Buy wants a $45 restock fee if I return it!

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                PRO-HD guy, you probably have a UPnP issue. Most routers do not have UPnP enabled as a default.  Not broken, just not setup right.

                PRO guys, we have a failure issue, that apparently is widespread.  If it were firmware, it would already be solved.  I think we have a manufacturing issue which will go away over time.......

                I just pulled a new old stock unit out of the box, and after an online update, works fine.  How long? who knows.  temp, constant on, power spike, component failure? which one will cause the symptoms of my other box, and a bunch of yours?  I've tried connecting the old one through a closed network at 10mb ethernet, thinking they just couldn't deal with 100mb or gigabit ethernet.  Nope, it's a failure.

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                Hi there!

                My ethernetconnection died as well......I have found out by sticking the ethernetcable directly in my computer it alternates on-and-off, but just does not get an ip-address. Puting it in the router, of course same thing; no ip-address.

                Besides that, the reset with the button does not work anymore.

                my slingbox pro had been working fine for about 2 years

                When doing the firmware update over the internet it broke down.....

                I am hoping for a solution from anyone!



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                  I"m Glad I'm not the only one with this problem!!! I thought it could be using a different router since I moved, but my network port is definitely DEAD on my SlingBox Pro... tried two different cables that have worked on my laptop, but I still can't get a network connection. Tried all the different suggestions for resetting it, but to no avail... what is there left to do? Should I chance this and buy a Slingbox PRO-HD to see if it will work? Or should I just use this Slingbox Pro as a door stop in my home office??!!! Is there any kind of solution for this???!!!



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                    It appears this problem isn't limited to the Pro.  I have a PRO-HD, same problem...  Dead network port.  Which makes sense, because I think the Pro-HD is basically a revision above the Pro.


                    The power-supply change issue points to a larger problem.  Wall warts shouldn't deteriorate -- at all.  Unless they are spec'ed too low and the device draws more current than it was designed to provide, thus a new one would eventually do the same thing...  However, my wall-wart is barely warm to the touch, so I don't think the current usage is too high.  My adapter was spec'ed at 5V, 4Amp, so 20 watts total.  Which seems like reasonable overhead for a small CE device.  I would guess the real current usage is decently less than 20.


                    The worst thing, one of the official troubleshooting documents says something similar to: "Try the reset button it *might* work."  Talk about hedging.


                    I also have no idea what sort of network defenses exist (if any) on the Slingbox.  It also makes me wonder if the network-stack is vulnerable to corruption from various worms exploiting Linux.  I would hope the device has no ports open except for the required application ports.  Needless to say I can't test this theory.  The thing also lacks a serial port...  It would be nice to at least hook it up to a serial cable and watch the boot sequence.  Knowing precisely where it broke would make life easier.

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                        Hmm I was given a Pro by family and upon plugging it in - no network connection. As it was second hand placed a support call via the web site and obviously got nothing back.

                        I decided to buy a new one because the concept of this is great but it leaves me with a working Pro and one sat in a box at home 8000 miles away!

                        I would love to know if the pro in the box is now a paper weight or could be fixed!!





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                        Hi, your power supply is worth a look.


                        The manual says power supply is 2.5A but the OE supplied unit was rated 3.5Amp. I replaced the power supply (The "Stock" 3.5A unit was out-of-stock at Sling, & not freely available elsewhere so I got a generic "5000ma Universal Regulated Power Adaptor" & set it to 6V). 3days & £27 later the 30sec startup routine talks to the router & holds both the power ON & network light ON..... which is nice. During all the fun & games I had mistakenly made the factory reset. So I needed to reconfigure the slingbox settings......The current web version did not work with my main PC & the box looked dead, but fortunately I had the original setup files (v2.0.191) on a laptop which worked a treat. Happy days !:D

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                            I think Slingmedia should come out and tell us all what the problem is.


                            Kim H.

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                                Kim, Life is too short to work yourself into a righteous class action frenzy.


                                Just as you have to maintain & renew the tyres on your car, it turns out the slingbox pro needs a replacement power adaptor at 18months old. Accept it.


                                I agree that it would be professional for Sling to accept the reality of power supply durability & publish a hyperlink to AVAILABLE stock of suitable rated power supplies in it's wiki. 


                                OE power supply durability is the Elephant in the room. The Freakonomics argument suggests that the company continues get rewarded for not acknowledging this elephant while there is more profit in new boxes than power supplies. This is a real shame as the basic product is brilliant & existing customers are the best amassadors that marketing budgets don't need to buy.....................

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                              nethawk7 Newbie

                              I had the same problem, as do so many people dealing with this issue – which generally can be attributed to an inherently defective power supply. On eBay, I suggest that you go to a store called “TopPowerAC” and purchase the power supply unit that they sell for your model slingbox. (I have a Pro-HD.) It should cost you around $10. I plugged in their unit and my issues were resolved immediately! it might be worthwhile for you to try this as well.

                              (As a public service, I am posting my reply in multiple discussions because of the prevalence of this problem.)

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                                nethawk7 Newbie

                                Yet another possible solution.


                                From Amazon, I purchased a “Hosa ACD477 AC 100-240V Multi Voltage DC Adaptor”. Going up the voltage meter, at 7.5v I was able to get a steady network light. Just make sure that you set the internet slingbox viewer to “auto” quality because it seems to take awhile for the internet signal to attain a sufficient speed for a higher resolution picture.

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                                  I have the same problem. I bought a new power supply from Slingbox, hoping that would fix the issue. It did not. I have a Slingbox Pro HD and paid for IPad app, now useless. Not a good investment in tech to have such an abbreviated life. I have tried all steps listed, surely there are other options. Is there any way to diagnose whether the port is just dead and not a defective power supply? I get all other lights expect through the start up process as expected. Network light comes on for a second, and I do not see any comm activity on my switch indicating it is even attempting to communicate. I tried turning off all firewalls, even put system in DMV, nothing. What's left? Is there a repair or exchange program? Over $500 bucks in equipment and hardware costs, not to mention time and frustration for what appears to be a defective product. Based on the number of people with the same problem, perhaps class action or other official action is necessary for the company to acknowledge the problem and provide some process for redress. please advise.

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                                    Matt.Sling Apprentice

                                    Our apologies for the frustration. We stand by our products, and we want to help out. If any Slingbox users are having power issues of any kind, simply call us! There is no charge or hassle. The agents may have you perform some basic troubleshooting steps on the phone, but if it's determined you have a Slingbox or PSU that needs to be replaced, we'll replace it.


                                    If you're in the US or Canada, the correct number to call is 877.GO.SLING (877.467.5464). For other geos, just use this page to find the correct contact info:


                                    Contact Sling Media



                                    The Sling Support Team