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    m1 setup

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      I've had my m1 slingbox for a couple years and it's worked fine...lately (after a power outage), my smartphone can no longer control my cable set top box...the m1 streams whatever channel the cable box is tuned to, but won't change channels using the slingplayer remote feature on the smartphone...the separate TV remote works fine....I have rebooted, reinstalled and reset everything... I have even tried using another ir blaster...it's like the m1 can't communicate with the set top box...any ideas?

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          I understand, you're having problems with your Slingbox M1 not communicating with your Slingplayer app. With the information provided, it seems you have done great troubleshooting steps. Although, it would be best if you perform a hard reset to your Slingbox M1.


          Why perform a hard reset?

          A hard reset wipes out all configurations, settings, and (usually) software updates from your Slingbox. After you perform a hard reset, you'll need to reconfigure your Slingbox again. Once performing a hard reset, you will need to reconfigure your network, set-top box, & remote.


          • For Slingbox M1 model: Use a paperclip to press and hold in the recessed Reset button for approximately 10 seconds, or until the Network LED blinks twice quickly.


          Once re configuring remote you should be able to change channels.




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              thank you...I have done the reset (& will do it again) of the m1 to no avail...two things I don't think I mentioned: 1. we had a tree limb come down on local lines causing a power outage (surge?) around the time this problem started, and 2. When I try to reconfigure the m1, the brand and model number of the cable set-top box does not show up in the choices...Even when I type it in, the problem persists ...on the smartphone, I get full video and audio from the cable box on whatever channel it is tuned to, and I can adjust the sound with my smartphone, but I can't change the channel...the "guide" shows all the channels, and my favorites, but even when I select one, it won't change the channel on the set-top box...the cable set top box is an Arris DCX3220e. thanks.



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