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    Problems with slingbox solo update firmware


      Okay I am not a techie. My slingbox solo has been sitting in the box for almost two years because I cannot get it to work. It is not a plug and play unit as it should be. I tried again following the instructions six months ago and gave up frustrated. I called support. They wanted money of course because my warranty was expired. So I pulled the boat anchor out of the box again today and this time.....I got my network to see it for the first time. So, now I got a screen that says you need to update your sling box...this should take a few minutes. Problem is when it gets to 51% complete, nothing else happens. It seems to be stuck. I tried resetting the slingbox numerous times. I tried to update both with internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. I am going to beat this thing if it kills me. I solicit any and all advice.