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    trouble with my tuner.


      I have used my slingbox tuner for about three years now.   Last week I had to get a cable box from my cable company and set it up to keep  cable with them. now i have no slingbox.   I have a cable coming into my house and I split it with a two way splitter, then I ran one to my slingbox straight and the other goes to my new digital cable box.  it is set up on chanel 3 or 4 I think and I use a remote to change channels on my tv from the box.  My sling box has  like one channel now.   what can I do to make this work  ?? 



      should it be split after the cable box  ????    how does this **** work grrrrrr

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          You can't use your tunner anymore. Your cable company changed to a digital signal so you have to upgrade your slingbox to a Slingbox Solo or Pro. Slingbox Tunner works with cable TV Systems ( which don't require any box).

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              I have the original Slingbox Tuner. Up until about two months ago it worked perfectly. I noticed the connectivity (network) light was off. I purchased another to replace it. It will not work either.


              I replace my router and still no connection.


              Now, both the new one and the old one has a slow blink light for the network and for the slingbox light. Power light is the only constant light.


              Any clue?