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    Slingplayer IE11 Win7 full screen, and hot keys

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      I've been using Slingplayer Desktop until it was broken by a firmware upgrade (done behind my back).


      Trying to use the IE version and not liking it.


      1) I can go full screen but when I do that I seem to lose the remote, AND I also can't see any way to get out of the full screen window other than to hit the windows key which gets me the task bar, and KILL the window there.  With desktop I could hit <ESC> to get out of full screen, but not with this add-in,

      2) I was surprised that hot keys worked without being full screen (previous IE versions did not, and desktop doesn't).  HOWEVER, some hotkeys have browser functions and don't work, meaning I can't go full screen (see previous issue), and have to click for each.  In particular so far, <CNTRL>-F which should skip forward, brings up a browser find window, and <CNTRL>-B which should skip back, brings up some browser window I didn't pay attention to and don't use..  Can they be disabled, and preferably without losing their function in other browser sessions?

      3) I have had problems with Desktop where the video freezes or doesn't sync (generally when full screen), but on the browser plug-in I had to go to a resolution so low that letters seem fuzzy, to get them to sync up.  That can't be right.


      I hope I will be able to go back to desktop real soon, but this will help until they fix the firmware or just give us back the previous version before they figure out how to fix what they broke.