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    It's 2nd Decade of Slingbox running this "flaw"

    esdwa Newbie

      Since I purchased my first Slingbox years ago I was always curious why the picture (and voice) freezes when I'm remotely controlling remote site changing channels for example, whether I'm using Slingcatcher or Slingplayer running on any third-party hardware whether it is fireTV, Chromecast, PC, Mac, Android or iPhone apps.


      As seasoned electronics and software engineer it is clear to me that communication channel between Slingbox and SlingPlayer should have duplex capability (duplex means data can be sent and received simultaneously or at least buffered to simulate duplex on half duplex) therefore inducing control command transmission from slingplayer to slingbox should not interfere with a video transmission as control occupies so little bandwidth when compared to video in the entire transmission stream.


      So why for over 15 years Slingmedia has not fixed this problem removing picture freeze during channel change for example?


      I recently ran the experiment where I am controlling my set-top box on the Slingbox side using custom self built infrared transmitter that is working also over the internet. Holding original SetTopBox remote controller in my hand - with such setup - when I change the channel the video from Slingbox do not freeze at all. Yes, it is still delayed but no freeze occurs. This test proves that the communication channe (internet pipe as you may call it) can handle video and infrared commands without disturbing each other.


      So my question is again why Slingmedia has not fixed the picture freeze during remote  control for its products so far? With all smart engineers working for them and brains behind the technology it seem so obvious and capable to do.


      Unless the entire technology he's either restricted by someone else's patent that defines "antifreeze fix" preventing Slingmedia from using it in their products. Or the issue is ignored as being too deep in the root of the technology Sling media uses so reversing it back would be very difficult and costly.


      I do not expect anyone from Slingmedia to answer this question however it would be nice to get some idea about the nature of this problem and the reasons it has not been fixed yet fornsonmany years passed.


      Thank you in advance for all comments.