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    Slingbox for Brazil


      I want to set up a Slingbox Solo that will work in Brazil. I understand that they are on the PAL system. Slinbox USA says that their Slingbox will not work in Brazil. Will a Slingbox sold in UK work in Brazil? If not, is there a Slingbox model that will?

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          Hi Wildbill,


          If you purchase a Slingbox from UK, it will work in the Brazil since it uses the same PAL configuration



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              Thanks for the info. After further investigation, I have learned that Brazil is on a different type of PAL than the UK. Brazil uses PAL M and the UK uses PAL Z. So it seems that no current Slingbox available will work perfectly in Brazil. However, I have been told that any Slingbox will send a TV signal provided the signal comes from a cable or satellite box and not over the airwaves. NTSC or any type PAL should be viewable, but the remote control function will not work. That means that someone at the Slingbox location will have to change the channel. This is possible for me as someone is always at the Brazilian location and they can be reached via Skype phone.


              So I have purchased a U.S. Slingbox and plan on trying to make it work it Brazil. I will let you know if I am successful.



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              Hi there,


              Im trying to set up a Slingbox in Brazil but just the bottom part of the screen appears when I connect my cable tv box. When I connect the DVD is fine. I wonder if the problem is related to the signal system in Brazil (pal-m) not supported and how can I get round of that.


              Many thanks,

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                Resurrecting this old topic,


                I have a Slingbox Pro HD here at Brazil. I managed to get it working with my cable box but investigating the coax connection I could got through all the setup and make the slingbox detect the open air channels available in my city. The problem is that only the audio is working, I can see only a black screen in the video area.


                I donwloaded the SlingPlayer Desktop Software and tunned to some channels. In the Slingbox Info windows I these info under Current AV Input:


                Type: RF

                Video Standard: PAL-M

                Country: Brazil

                Device Type(Context): ANTENNA

                Device Type(Code): Antenna (Hybrid)


                As I said, I can hear the audio of the channels just fine, but I can't see no picture, although PAL-M is correctly recognized by my Slingbox.


                Is momething missing, or the slingbox pro hd isn`t really compatible with brazilian open tv channels?