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    Vista 64 and Slingbox Solo error 0x923400df


      I have a Slingbox Solo connected to a Comcast cable box on a home network fronted by a Cisco ASA 5505.  I can view the slingbox remotely (from work and on my iPhone or anywhere remotely) but I cannot view it on my Vista 64 box.  I can even view it on my local Win 2003 server (although I occasionally get the same error when trying to connect), just can't get it on my Vista 64 box.  Here's what I know so far and what I've done:


      - Slingbox can be viewed remotely and on local non-Vista 64 boxes.

      - Windows Vista 64 firewall is down.

      - Application has been tried in both native and Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode.

      - All attempts to connect to the Slingbox with Vista 64 generate the following error:


         "The operation failed because the message is too big."

         [Advanced users:  the error code is 0x923400df.]


      - The Slingbox has been reset multiple times in an attempt to fix the problem with no success.

      - I can ping the Slingbox from the Vista 64 box without any issue.

      - I can connect to the Slingbox via my Windows 2003 Server on the local network.

      - I have tried connecting to the Slingbox directly using the IP address AND the Slingbox ID; still no luck.


      Does anyone have ANYTHING on this?  I can't seem to find much on Skynet....



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          Hi, storm072969.


          Most of the times, this specific error message is related to the security software running on that specific computer (keep in mind that this Slingbox works fine on other computers). With this in mind, we recommend you to check the security software settings. The following link will provide you with some tips.


          Internet security and personal firewalls

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              Unfortunately, this is not the issue.  I will have to investigate further.  I can attach to this slingbox with the same computer outside of my network and this problem has NOW manifested into the slingbox not connecting at all on the internal network with ANY computer and connecting for only a few seconds from outside the network.  I would label it a network issue initially, but I've swapped cables and ports in my switches and sniffed the wire for errors and fragments, and I can stream HD quality shows on Netflix, 2 simultaneously, without issue.  Its not a bandwidth problem, it's not a client problem... I suspect it's a slingbox problem.