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    Moto DCX3400 Remote with 30 second skip


      I was able to play around with the windows desktop software and set my DCX3400 with a remote that looks almost like my Comcast Silver remote by selecting HD DVR DTC6412. But my real remote has button a remapped to give the IR Code for 30 second skip. and a swap button to switch between tuners that are not on the current remote. I was wonding if anyone out there that is good at making custom remotes could make one of the comcast remote with A mapped to the 30 second skip and C mapped to swap? The code for the 30 second skip is 00173 I am new to this so I assume that is the IR Code. Any help would really be appreciated. I have had teh slingbox for a week and the wife who watches DVR stuff at Lunch is complaining that there is no skip.  Thanks in advance.