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    Is SlingBox Dead? Nothing Appears to Work Anymore

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      Is Sling Dead?


      The last couple of years the service seems to be getting worse and worse.


      Now I have no access to either of my Sling Units.


      I sat down tonight to figure out where the error is and I have no idea


           1) From inside my house, on my home network - 1) Slingplayer Desktop Doesn't See either unit 2) Chrome Doesn't see either Unit 3) Internet Explorer - Slingwatch starts - Says my computer is too low on hard drive space (Only 60 Gigs free!) and then plays my Slingbox. It plays for up to 10mins, then pauses for several minutes, and then starts playing from where it left off.

           2) From Internet Explorer I run the Setup - It says both units are setup and configured for Internet Viewing- But Also says both units are at an IP Address ending at .254 -- When they are at 211 and 212.

           3) After both units run setup and and say they are working correctly - Still only have access from Internet Explorer

           4) From outside my house - Nothing connects to the Sling Boxes in my house - And Chrome, SlingDesktop and Internet Explorere just keep playing they same stupid AD for the Sling M1/M2


      Does anything work? Is Sling gone?


      Each Time it has an Error - It says "Click Here" or "Info" and you click it and get a web page that says - Content no longer available.  It's ridiculous.


      If you have any info, please share. 8 years ago my Slingboxes were bulletproof fast streaming devices when I only had a couple of megabit connections. Now with 50/15 - I can't Sling and it is just a joke - Manages to play ads no problem, but not my devices.


      Dave B