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    Remote control file for sat receiver Qviart Unic

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      does anybody have a file to be able to control the subject receiver?

      I have searched everywhere and could not find one.


      Jerry Hollenberg


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          alanrichey42 Master

          I did a quick check and this does use a different set of codes to the Undro.  Having said that, it uses a pretty standard set of internals so I am a bit surprised you didn't find one of the codes under <Satellite> <Other> ,


          Anyway, try this one.

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            I have now succeeded to create a more advanced remote for the Qviart Unic on my Windows computer. I would like to create a bin file from it so that the remote works also on my MAC Air computer and hopefully also on my Samsung Tab S2 tablet 9,7. Could you please help by directing me to the right place?

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              Dear Alan, I really tried to do the above, but fail to make Remotemaster run on my PC, I will try to do the java installation right. A question: now, that I have a new remote on my PC (I have created a new folder for the remote and changed some entries in 2 files (I followed your instructions in "Customising the Remote Image on your Slingplayer" using your new remote with extended functionality), is there any way for Remotemaster to have this folder as an input so that I do not need to design a new remote when I already have one (even if it is described in a folder, not some kind of RDF file?

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  OK, there may be some misunderstanding here.    The image file on your PC has absolutely nothing to do with the actual functionality of the remote, which is where the BIN file comes in.   The BIN file, produced by RemoteMaster, is actually stored in the Slingbox so it can be utilised by the ALL the different players.   If you have been playing around with the image then that relates ONLY to that PC and it cannot be carried across to any other player or device.   So I don't think you actually need to use Remotemaster,

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                  Hi! But my problem is that I am unable to get the custom keys (FAV, SUB, ...) to work  our MAC Air computer. So I thought that it would be great to have the same remote which I succeeded to make on PC, for all devices. Your new remote is great allowing me to have clickable keys for FAV etc.


                  Is there a way to have a remote with a remote picture also on a mobile and tablet? Could you please point to me where I can read about how those remotes show differently on those devices, please?

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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      I'm not an expert on the MAC but as far as I know, it uses the same type of image SPR file as the PC, so the work you have done on the PC should be transferable.   As far as mobiles and tablets are concerned, you are stuck with what Sling have decided.   However, on everything except the iPad, you should be able to access the Custom controls.   The iPad has always had the bug that you cannot access Custom controls and although I have pointed out the problem on multiple occasions Sling have stubbornly refused to fix it.


                      Your other alternative would be for me to move the important functions that are presently on the Custom buttons to any of the unused buttons on the existing remote.

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                      Alan, could you do that? It would be most appreciated! I could send you the folder with the files I changed.

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                        In skin.xml, I have changed the following:

                             <Control id="id.remote.favorite" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="FAV" x="90" y="370" cx="40" cy="40" />

                                    <Control id="id.remote.custom.11" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="Find" x="90" y="400" cx="40" cy="40" />

                                    <Control id="id.remote.custom.12" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="HDMI" x="90" y="430" cx="40" cy="40" />

                                    <Control id="id.remote.custom.13" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="SAT" x="45" y="460" cx="40" cy="40" />

                                    <Control id="id.remote.custom.14" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="USB" x="90" y="460" cx="40" cy="40" />

                                    <Control id="id.remote.volume.mute" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="Mute" x="135" y="460" cx="40" cy="40" />

                                    <Control id="id.remote.custom.16" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="Sub" x="45" y="490" cx="40" cy="40" />

                                    <Control id="id.remote.custom.17" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="Tele" x="90" y="490" cx="40" cy="40" />

                                    <Control id="id.remote.custom.18" type="button" backgroundID="img.button.oval"

                                                foregroundID="txt.button.smallerblack" text="TV/R" x="135" y="490" cx="40" cy="40" />


                        Maybe some entries are wrong but it seems to work ...


                        In remote.xml, I have the following:

                        <Link k="SATELLITE.Custom.S2010" remote="My Custom Remote" keymap="idmap.custom"/>



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                            alanrichey42 Master

                            That's not what I asked for.   As I said in my last but one post, an alternative method was to put functions on unused buttons on the existing remote image, that was why I asked you to send the request in the for:  FAV function mapped to Page+ button, SUB function mapped to Page- button, ..........


                            So what you have done on your own PC image is not relevant I'm afraid, that cannot be transcribed to any other platform (except perhaps the Mac)