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    Sling Player on Roku 4


      I have used the SlingPlayer app on several devices and it always worked great. The computer application works great also. We just got a Roku 4 and the SlingPlayer app on there requires you to stream to it from another device. I was just wondering if it has been this way on a Roku always or is this just an over site for the Roku 4. I know that if this is how its going to be moving forward then I do not think I will be getting any more Roku devices.

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          Hello ACC6351390,


          I see that you are wondering if the Roku has always required you to stream to it from another device. When using the Slingplayer app, you do need another device to stream onto the Roku. Here is a helpful link in reference to the Roku:


          Frequently asked questions about SlingPlayer for Roku



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              So the simple answer is yes SlingPlayer on a Roku always requires a device to stream to it. This is a bad app design. Is this app created by Roku or SlingBox?

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                  As I understand it, the firetv version allows you to control the slingplayer app using the firetv remote. The app functions like it does on a tablet. Is this true? If so, can the same be done for the Roku/Roku stick? That would be much more convenient that having to stream to a phone/tablet then "sling" to a TV.

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                      I just bought a Roku TV and from my iPhone the SlingPlayer app will not locate the Roku.  I've followed all instructions; on the same network, same IP address, even manually adding the Roku device from the SlingPlayer app "Successfully added Roku device" but then nothing when I try to click the little tv-wifi icon next to the volume. I did see an old post that said it pertains to the IP address range.  But it seems this is another issue that SlingPlayer don't care to address and now my device is out of warranty so they definitely don't care