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    Presales questions




      I have two aims:


      1. Be able to control my Virgin V+ box from anywhere in the world. I am more interested in the ability to set recordings remotely rather than watch TV on my mobile / remote PC.
      2. Use my Blackberry 9800 (granted it's not supported yet) as a remote control for my A|V equipment.


      From what I have read, aim 1 will be no problem. That is what Slingbox is designed to do.


      But, will it achieve aim 2. Is it a practicle alternative to the standard IR controller or Logitech Harmony whilst sitting on the sofa. If it sends all commands via the web, would there be a lag compared to an ordinary remote? I have Wi-Fi.


      A few other questions:

      I don't yet have an HD TV. I'm waiting for 3D tv's to hit the main stream. Does the SB HD have an ordinary scart socket to use until I upgrade the TV?


      I have a fixed public IP address, so do I need to use SB's website? I guess all it does is some sort of DDNS for the majority that have DHCP assigned public IPs.


      Many thanks for any feedback.