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    Slingbox freeze on startup


      I have a slingbox problem that I hope someone might have a solution.


      As the title suggested, my slingbox freezes on startup. I have a  pro-hd setup in Japan and running win7. I am running the latest  firmwares and slingbox 2.04. I have two machines, one desktop and one  laptop. I never have any problems running on my laptop, it's always the  desktop. I have install and uninstall many times.

      I am suspecting the problem has something to do with the "autoupdate"  function, as it seems to freeze when it is "downloading updates" stated  at the bottom left. It will not freeze if I disconnect internet first.  But it's very annoying to disconnect internet and re-login to my account  every time.


      There seems to be a way to disable the "autoupdate" function through  "regedit." I remember that's how I solved the problem last time. But I  recently had to format my pc and couldn't find any mention of this  solution. Now, I am not even sure if what I remember is correct or not.  Maybe I got lucky last time.


      Your help is greatly appreciated.