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    my new router has killed my slingboxes

    rpmiles Newbie

      I had a Linksys E3000 router and all was well. My new cable modem , a Motorola SBG6580 has a built in router so I am now using it for my wireless network. However none of my 3 slingboxes are recognized , not even on my local LAN. Its been so long since I installed them I forget what to do.

      I can see all my wireless adapters in my DHCP table, but I can't tell which goes to each of the 3 slingboxes, since I have many wireless devices connected to my network. I guess I can unplug them all and plug in one at a time. Any thoughts here? Even then, do I need to reinstall the slingbox software from scratch?



      edit: When I get home I will try a slingbox reset to reset the IP address on the slingbox per this link, I hope it works





      edit 2: success by resetting each slingbox and re-running setup !