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    Sling Box Loses Connectivity constantly


      I live in an area with many brown outs.  Cable Modem goes out pretty much once a day.   When it gets back online the sling player will not work until its rebooted giving the unable to conect to your slingbox message.  My problem is that I travel constantly and I am not there to reboot the slingbox all the time.  Is this an error that can be prevented somehow.  I am more than willing to provide a UPS for the box and/or router but this will not solve the problem if its due to lack of connectivity as cable signal goes out during the brownouts as well.  Is it something on the router that I can keep connected even while not on the internet.  maybe keeping port 5001 always open (I don't know I'm fishing) and connecting the router to the same UPS as the slingbox therefore it never loses connectivity.


      Please help.  Love the product but I need it working on a more constant basis.





      On a side note could someone explain why a simple reboot of the box works so well in reestablishing the connection?  Is it opening up ports, or something?