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    slingbox not streaming




      newbie here.  hope i am posting in right place.


      please help if you can - i am just about to stamp on this stupid thing!!


      my sling box classic worked when i first had it then after about 6 months it stopped streaming; because the bit streaming rate dropped extremely low i think??


      i reset it and updated firmware and it still did not work.  eventually i gave up.


      now i have a new network / router.

      when i tried it recently on my vista laptop the firmware got updated but it did not stream.


      just tried it on my updated xp on my pc.  i have gone through the set up stages again for slingbox and even updated the router setting manually.


      but is still won't stream; just sits there saying 'optimizing'!  I have 2 solid green lights on the slingbox itself.


      grateful for any help.  thanks.  :-)