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    Slingbox 500 Remote Problem

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      I have changed Slingbox 500 to new network and new Samsung 4K TV. Cannot activate Home key on top of remote to set up my new network. The other keys work, so it is not a weak battery. The Slingbox is around 30 feet from router and when reset doesn't seem to find network. Not sure if remote and network issues are related. Please advise....... thanks.... Bill

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          I bought a refurbished Slingbox 500 for Christmas but the remote doesn't seem to work at all so it'll have to go back - A white LED on the menu button stays lit but the buttons do nothing.


          The bummer is it shows the warranty started in 2014 for this box so I get zero support on here


          I was able to set the box up fine but I had to wire it in to the network first in order to get it to work properly.  Not it works standalone and services video fine but the remote is still inoperable (I tried 3 sets of batteries).


          I'd try to configure it via a wired connection if I were you, especially if your remote does work.