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    Is My Slingbox Classic Dead?


      My Slingbox Classic has been working perfectly for years.


      It was working yesterday. Today I could not connect and noticed that none of the lights are on, not even the power light.


      I tried plugging in the power adapter to another plug that I know is working, but still no lights at all.


      I don't have another simlar power adapter or a volt meter.


      Any ideas how I can tell if it's the power adapter or the Slingbox? Has anyone been able to find a replacement power adapter at Radio Shack or Home Depot or some place like that?


      I guess I could just buy a volt meter.


      I would hate to order a new power adapter from Sling just to find out that it's the Slingbox.


      Any ideas?



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          I have the same Slingbox classic and the same problem BUT...I have all of the test equipment that I could ever need to test things.  My power supply is putting out 6.4 Volts when disconnected and about 4.4 Volts when connected.  I did not know if it was a bad power supply or the Slingbox was drawing too much current so I got out a lab power supply which can supply all of the current most anything would need and I set it for 6.4 Volts.  The network and Sling lights blink shortly and then go off.  The power light NEVER comes on.  I think the problem is a dead Slingbox and I'm checking further.

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              I ended up ordering a new power supply.


              It was the power supply that died. I measured the output with a volt meter and there was no output from the oiwer supply.


              Once I got the new power supply, my SlingBox worked fine.



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              I'm not that lucky.  I think my Slingbox is toast.

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                My original power supply was making "frying" noises... so sling was nice enough to replace it. This 2nd power supply is hot to the touch, its dead too... time for a new one.

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                  The same thing just happend to me....no power light tried and I tried other outlets. I guess Ill upgrade to a pro.

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                    Does anyone know if you can get a power supply at a store, radio shack or somewhere instead of online from sling?  Trying to find one quick, but also didnt know if these were unique enough that something else my fry the unit??

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                        I went to Radio Shack and they do sell universal AC to DC power supplies, but they are really expensive.


                        You ahve to buy the power suppply with enough current and then buy the adapter tips to fit your device separately.


                        If they had it in stock, I think it would have cost $40 for the power supply and $7 for the right size plug.


                        Here's the power supply:



                        I am not sure exactly which plug fits the Slingbox. I was told the "M" plug might fit, but they were out of stock, so I couldn't try it:



                        But the best thing is to take the OEM adapter in or even better bring your Slingbox in to see if it fits.


                        Since the OEM adpater says 2.4 amps, I assume you need to have at least 2.4amps.


                        In the end, it was faster and cheaper to just order one from Sling.



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                            HI all,


                            Just to share my story if it helps someone else troubleshoot their issue,


                            The same thing happened to my SB100-100 classic slingplayer about a year ago (2009 timeframe) :


                            - My Slingbox classic stopped broadcasting TV and could not be seen on my LAN.


                            - The made in China, Hon-Kwang hk-a112-a06, 6.0v, 2.4a (set at 2.0a)  power supply was making 'crackling' and 'sizzling' noises and was VERY hot to the touch

                               - when not plugged into the slingbox classic the adapter made no sound and did not heat up

                               - my multimeter showed it putting out 6v so I was not sure if it was the power supply or slinkbox at that point


                            - My internet connection across my LAN seemed to die only when the slingbox was connected to the LAN (and when I disconnected the Slingbox classic ethernet cable, the internet connection re-established and all went back to normal)


                            - I read that Sling replaced some folks power supplies but their support line never responded to my email request for help and info if they would replace my power supply.  Needless to say I was dissappointed with Slingmedia's non response.


                            - I had it on the shelf (as a paperweight) until yesterday when I got an urge to watch tv on my new BB 9800 torch..I found a multi-voltage power adapter from GE and set it to 6v and tip positive, plugged it in and ran the web version of sling's setup program and it has been working like a champ (for 1 day so far)..so it must have been the adapter


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                            Hope this helps and thanks to others that posted this issue and work-around ideas!!



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                          I have the same problem. Very hot power supply with burning smell. HON-KWANG HK-A112-A06 . It was causing AM radio interference in entire house, which was how I found it. Thank God for the interference otherwise who knows what may have happened.


                          Slingbox support, are you aware of this issue?

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                            Same thing happened to mine, extremely hot to touch, stopped working while we were away for a couple of months. I'm glad I was able to get to it in time. Has anyone from Slingbox replied to this problem? Slingbox classic sb100-100

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                                Hi -- In my case, no one from Sling ever responded or offered to remedy their defective power supply issue - I guess if you have a classic you are written off. So much for customer loyalty.  I wonder what was removed from my original post..maybe a deservingly disparaging comment.

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                                Lynsey Newbie

                                Hi darinf,


                                Sorry to hear you have an issue with your Slingbox not powering on. There are a couple troubleshooting steps that can be done here. 


                                1. Try another power outlet.
                                2. Make sure that the Slingbox is plugged directly into a wall and not a surge protector, power strip or an extension cord.
                                3. Check the connection fromt he power cord to the Slingbox. You can make sure it is secure by completely removing it from the Slingbox and plugging it back into until you hear it click.
                                4. Try resetting your Slingbox. There is a reset button on the back of your Slingbox. Hold that in for about 10 seconds and see if you get a power light.


                                If none of these troubleshooting steps work I would advise for you to contact us. Please have the serial number (can be located on the bottom of the Slingbox) and the power supply brand (Ktec or V-Infinity) handy when calling in.



                                I hope this helps!!


                                Best regards,


                                Sling Media Moderation Team