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    Cant connect to slingbox after wireless connection lost




      I am having a VERY frustratin issue with my SlingBox Pro HD while viewing stuff on my windows mobile phone (running sling player).


      As everyone knows, a wireless connections cut in and out. Most of the time when the wireless data connection on my cell phone cut-s out, the video/audio playing in my sling player for windows mobile will just pause and resume when the wireless signal comes back.


      But sometimes when the wireless connection kicks out, it seems like it locks-up my slingbox pro-hd. I say this because even if I reboot my phone and try running the slingplayer mobile app to connect to my slingbox, it will fail to connect. And the ONLY way to fix this condition is to reset (power off, then on) the slingbox!!!


      This is ridiculous! I went away this weekend and because my slingbox locked up on the way to my destination, I did NOT have the use of my slingbox ALL weekend because I wasn't home to "reset" te slingbox's power cable.


      I am a programmer and such a lockup should NOT happen at all - there shoule be some type of watchdog timer that resets the slingbox if a connection is lost and not reconnected withing x minutes.


      What is Slingmedia doing to fix this so it would be IMPOSSIBLE for a slingbox to lockup due to just a lost data connection???