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    Directv HD24 and Slingbox HD


      My output source cables from the HD24 receiver are component and hdmi.  The hdmi cable is connected to input of my Panasonic 3D TV while my component cable is connected to my Slingbox and then to the back of the input of my Panasonic 3D TV.  On the TV input component might say input 1 and hdmi might say input 2.  How does the TV know what video format to display ( 480i, 720p, and 1080p etc) to display with 2 connections on the back of the TV set?  Is the video format decided by the Directv HD24?  What settings should the Directv HD24 be set as.  I noticed blue lights in the front of the panel showing different settings (display formats).  Directv cannot display 3D with component cables.  This is why I have hdmi cable from the Directv HD24.   Otherwise, I still can view remote TV via Slingbox.  Thank you.