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    Internet Speeds


      I recently upgraded my INternet connection yet video quality remains poor despite achieving 1000kbps indicated in bottom right corner of Watch Sling media window?


      I have upgraded to a CAT6 ethernet from a CAT5 & now there is a better signal for my brother-in-law who lives in Vietnam. Give it a try for all those who are having problems with reception. I got mine dirt cheap through monoprice.com


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          Hi tnguyen621,


          Have you tried a different computer, take a look at the system requirements for the Slingbox SOLO and the PRO-HD



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            dbsguy Apprentice

            You may also want to run a speed test at www.speedtest.net to verify your actually getting what you were quoted from your ISP in terms of upload speed.


            Are you seeing this on a in network connected computer or when viewing remotely as the upload speed only pertains to remote viewing. If this problem is being incurred within your own network, then look to your connection method (wired, powerline adapter or wireless connection) as the potential problem. Forexample a "b" rated wireless card or router would cause connection issues when streaming video/audio.