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    SB video freeze every 5-7 seconds.


      Slingbox PRO-HD Software Version: 1.4.60

      Router for SB router: DD-WRT v24 sp1 on Linksys WRT54GL

      UPnP: Enabled

      Posting this here for FYI, there is a LONG thread identical to my problems w/ very little solutions.


      Not sure on what the problem is but the audio is Clear, Trouble free, and 100% reliable when watching TV (any channel).  The Video, no matter the channel, how long I pause it for, whether I watch it on windows 7 or XP and any combination of Internet explorer, Firefox, or sling player... the darn video freezes every 5-7 seconds for 3-4 seconds and is completely unwatchable.

      Tried all Stream quality settings.

      In Auto I receive at 1 Mb/s with a ~350ms delay from source.

      I easily maintain 600 Kb/s when trying to “optimize on my own”. Under sling player software I’ve placed  “The bar” to  100% smooth vice 50/50 smooth/Sharper.