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    Green / Corrupted Display. Sound works fine. Help!


      I pulled my slingbox pro out of storage and used it a couple of times and it worked great. Then tired again about a week later on a android phone and I got a distorted image that looks like this:






      The sound works fine but the image is unwatchable. This is using a coxal input and the same image using composite input. Same results using the desktop player and the web based player and the moble player on a android phone. It makes me think it has something to do with the output of the slingbox itself. Anyone got any help? Thanks in advance!

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          I have the same problem. I have an older Slingbox Pro. I am trying to watch it on a Vista notebook and an XP desktop. It has worked in the past, but not now. I get the same distortion on both computers. I am connected to a DirecTV DVR via composite, but get the same results off an old VCR.

          I tried different screen resolution and color depth settings. On the Vista notebook, I cannot turn off VMR9. That option is greyed out. I have not tried it on the XP machine. The Vista notebook is the important one.

          No longer in warranty, so support wants $50 just to talk to me about it. I don't mind sending the money unless all they can tell me is that the unit is broken and needs to be replaced.

          Has anyone with this problem gottem any answers from Sling Tech support?

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              Have you guys tried using the slingbox on different tv's and receivers?  Any chance it could be the output on the receiver?


              I have had the same problem.  I had thought thait is either the firmware update corrupted it (back in April for me), or that I tried updating it from my windows mobile phone.


              But even if it was the firmware, a hard reset should take it back to factory settings and it should work again.  That makes me think it is the output on the slingbox.  I have tried Input 1 and 2 using both S-video and A/V, but to no avail.


              Agree, too, on the PPI charge.

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              I have tried different sources (Cox Cable box, DirecTV DVR, DirecTV TIVO, VCR, DVD player, etc) all the inputs to the Sling Box, and I get the same results. Currently, I have a DVD player hooked up to the Box, and am passing the signal through the box to the TV. TV looks fine, but Sling Box output to computer is bad. Running out of ideas.

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                Hi, magwa.


                Most of the times, this issue is related to the cables in use to connect your Slingbox to your TV source. The following link will provide you with some steps to follow in order to correct this behavior.


                When I watch, the colors are all wrong


                Follow these recommendations and let us know how it works for you.

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                    The new box they sent me works just fine. All I paid was the shipping of my old box back to their replacement center. I am a happy camper now.:)

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                        My Pro has done the same thing.  After three years of solid performance, all of a sudden I get the video tearing but the audio is unaffected.  I contacted the Help Desk and they said they'd help me troubleshoot for $29.99.  They suggested it might be my A/V cables but that network light is intermittent which tells me it's the ethernet port.  If the box needs repair, they'll do that for $70.  The total repair is $99.99, exacly as stated on the web site for out-of-warranty repairs.  The rep was firm that this was the price and that was that, take it or leave it.  The choice for all of us with a failed older box like the Pro is either $100 to fix it or throw that into a new Solo or Pro HD.

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                            WOW!! that does not match my experience at all. I decided to spend the $30 to get the answer as to whether or not my box was dead or could be fixed. The tech took remote control of my computer and did a few things such as updating the firmware. We switched cables and input devices (TIVO, DVD player). After she was convinced the SB was not functioning correctly, she said they would replace the SB at no charge. They even refunded the $30 I paid for the support.


                            I was just tired of spending mental energy on the problem and decide to settle the question. I felt it was worth the $30. It was.


                            I hope you find an answer to the problem. I was pleasantly surprised with my experience.


                            Good luck!!