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    SlingCatcher suddenly non-functional / "dead"


      I've had a SlingCatcher for about 2 years now, which I use to view my living room TV in the bedroom (it's the only thing I use my SlingBox for).

      Everything's been working great, until last night when my SlingCatcher went completely dead - while plugged in, all of the SlingCatcher's LED lights are off, there is no video at all being output, and there's a mild constant "clicking" that stops when I pull the power cord out.  I've tried different outlets, all with the same result.  The Reset button does absolutely nothing.

      Are there any additional troubleshooting or repair steps that can be done here, or has my SlingCatcher effectively become nothing but an expensive brick now?  I would totally be willing to re-buy it if I needed to, but it looks like you cant actually buy a SlingCatcher anymore (???)... am I completely out of luck?  I do have an AppleTV hooked up to my bedroom television -- is there any way to view my Slingbox stream using AppleTV?

      Really appreciate any help!

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          callanish Apprentice

          Any chance of it just being a power supply issue, rather than the slingcatcher box itself? I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater until you at least try another power supply adapter. If your next question is where do you get another power supply for it without going through sling, I don't have an answer to that because that's where I received my replacement.

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            Just got off the phone with Sling Support for the same problem.


            I have about 2 weeks left on my 1 year SlingCatcher warranty, and they wanted to charge me to diagnose the problem because it's over 90 days old. $29.95 for a per incident support, or $39.95 ($49.95?) for a extended warranty. When I balked and said no way, and asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told I could purchase the per incident call price, and it would be refunded if they determined the unit or power supply was faulty. I agreed to this, as I know there is only so much that can go wrong on a Catcher (try different outlet, hold down reset button).


            So after the person on the other end of the phone had me try this, which obviously didn't work, they say they are sending out a replacement PS and will refund my incident charge.


            This is my 6th device purchased from Sling (3 Classics, 2 Pro-HD), plus I've purchased Mobile clients for (2) Windows phones and (1) Android phone, and the first time I've had to call for support of any kind. Needless to say I am EXTREMELY disappointed that they try to turn warranty support into a profit center.  As someone who has recommended the device to countless friends, family members and co-workers, I'm going to have to re-evaluate my receomendations.



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              I read on one of the threads here that someone bought a replacement universal ac adapter from best buy that worked.  Does anyone have that link?  I can't find it...shouldve bookmarked it or ordered it on the spot for in store pickup.  I want to avoid the sling one in case it dies again and I also would like to avoid purchasing one online in case a replacement doesn't work.  Thanks

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                Greetings All,


                I am not sure if the origional question was answered as to why the Slingcatcher seems to go dead...barely dim network LEDs etc..so I decided to take mine apart...The power supply on the label says 5.0 VDC @ 4.0 amps (wow!) so I plugged in the adapter and measured the voltage on the back of the jack...finding a flucuating 0.75 VDC to 1.5 VDC jumping all around...Well this means either the power supply has lost its output ~ or ~ something (cap, diode etc) on the Slingcatcher board is shorted....Pulled the adapter plug out of the Slingcatcher and measured the voltage from the power supply...5.1 VDC....hmmm first thought...not good...BUT I noticed the label on the power supply said that this power supply was for the Slingcatcher and Slingbox Solo....so as a last resort I thought I would go and grab the adapter off of the Solo....CHECKING TO MAKE SURE IT WAS LABELED 5.0 VDC and plugged it into the Slingcatcher...And the SLINGCATCHER CAME TO LIFE!!!!!


                So folks if you want to double check to make sure it REALLY is a defective power supply...Try using your Slingbox Solo power supply before ordering a replacement...dont want to see anybody wasting their money just in case their Slingcatcher is really defective..


                One side note...I am not sure if the Slingbox Solo power supply is meaty enough to handle the Slingcatcher for over a long period of time...someone else may chime in on their thoughts on that?