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    Slingbox Portugal/Brazil and possible VideoConference


      HI all.


      Still don't have Slinbox, intend to buy one, but would like your advice please:



      I intend to use it to bradcast channels from Portugal to Brasil, so the correct choice would be a Slingbox Normal/Pro/HD in Portugal and a SlingCatcher in Brasil correct?

      What would be the minimum internet upload/download speeds i would have to get good recepctions?



      It is possible to connect in both ends (probably would have to be Slingbox Por) a Camera with sound  and make video conference between them and those two countries?

      I saw a discontinued product DLink DVC1000 that should do the job as well, but since i want to see the Portuguese channels as well in Brazil, can Slingbox do it for me?.... would prefer skype on Tv like the new Led LG or Samsung... but can't afford it.... lol.


      Thank you all for your support.

      Hope you understand my questions and that you can help.


      Newbie here...

      Joao Carvalho

      Portugal / Brazil