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    Audio on TV goes out, and connection on mobile device is dropped


      This issue has been going on for a few months now, across a variety of devices (download SlingMedia on a PC, and different iPod Touchs)


      I use a HD component (or is it composite?) connection with a digital cable box.


      When I use the Sling Media app over WiFi, the connection will drop at anypoint between one and ten minutes, kicking me to the main menu. However, it'll let me reconnect everytime. This happens at a variety of locations, plus even when I am home connected on the same network.


      To trouble shoot, I watched through the app while watching the video on the TV in the room. What happens is that randomly, the audio will stop for five seconds. Once the app stream catches up to that point, the connection is dropped entirely. The video stays the same on the TV with no disortion, except for the mentioned audio drop. This audio drop never happens when watching TV normally at home with no sling app devices running.


      All help is appreciated.

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          Hi Gd38,


          We need you to be more specific. Your post is not clear enough and we need you to provide as much information as possible. If you have the SlingBox AV, you only can use the composite (red-white-yellow) or Svideo connection. We need to know how the Slingbox is connected to the network (hardwired, using a power or a wireless bridge) and also how the TV is connected to the Slingbox. It's also important to check the Internet Speed at the Slingbox location. In the meantime we recommend that you reset the Slingbox and then run the setup assistant to determine if the issue persists.


          Let us know how it works.