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    viewing on slingbox.com on Leopeard 10.6.4


      Trying to view while on my home network on slingbox.com (as it is HD and the player isn't -- I have the player working).

      I can't get slingbox.com to work on either Firefox or Safari in 32 bit mode.


      It will work on 2 non-snow leopard macs I have.


      I get hung up on the part 3 of "Install Slingplayer for Mac OS X".


      If I scroll down it says "enable java script"


      I have fully enabled javascript, and disablled all add-ons, as I thought they may be blocking adding the slingbox plug-in.


      Any tips?

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          I'm running the same, but my issue is that the colors are all off when viewing.

          I did change mine to the 32 bit mode also with no change.

          I have no idea what to do!

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              Have been trying to get this set up for two weeks and it won't work. Same problem as other posters, plug-in WILL NOT load in Safari or Firefox. Slingbox tech support is absolutely useless. The only reason I can use the slingbox at all is that one of my kids has a regular Macbook (I have a Macbook Pro) and it set up on that machine without any problems. But I'm frustrated because the video capability in my MBP is superior and it should work. Amazing how right on the home page, Slingbox claims "We Love Apple, Slingbox works great on your Apple devices." I don't think so! Wish we could find an answer. Hopefully, Slingbox reads this forum and realizes they have a problem that requires immediate attention.

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              I was having the same problem, but then tried it using the Camino browser and I was all set up in less than a minute.  Switched back to firefox and all was well.