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    SlingLink with ethernet switch


      I am using a 4 port ethernet switch rather than a router with my sling link.  Can't seem to get things to work, do I need to use a router or would this not be an issue?

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          Hello johnmatascik,


          You will need to connect the SlingCatcher to a router, by using a router, you will be able to configure the Slingbox under the port forward options  for example, and so be able to connect from a remote location.


          You can also check this link with more information about it.



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               I have a somewhat different problem.  I have Five Tivos, each with a Sling Box.  My upstairs setup has a Sling Box AV.  My main Sling Box is a Sling Media Pro.  Both of these are hard wired, [ethernet cable] to my Linksys e-1000 Router.  I also have downstairs three Sling Box AV, [each connected with a Tivo.  These three AV's are hard wired to my router by way of a NetGear ProSafe 5 Port 10/100 Desktop Switch.

               As long as I am on my home wireless network, everything is fine.  I can see all five Sling Boxes. If I go to an outside network, it doesn't matter how close or far away the network is, I can get the first two Sling Boxes to work.  I cannot see any of the three AV's that go through my switch.  I can see the list of Sling Boxes OK-Fine.  I just cannot log onto the three that go through the switch.

               Can anyone help me in this matter??