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    Slingbox stopped working all the sudden away from home!! Help!!!


      Hello, all the sudden my slingbox is not working. When I try to connect to slingbox, it will not connect and leaves a message saying the "your slingbox has been disconnected due to poor internet connection". However, when I was at home, the slingbox logged on fine and we were able to watch live TV. Now that we are in South America, we keep getting this message. We have been to several countries in Europe and connecting to the slingbox has always been fine. Now all the sudden it is not working. We have high-speed internet and all our other programs work fine...Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! We sure do miss our cable TV

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          markdevoll Newbie

          I think the message it is giving you is clear. Your connection to your sling box is to slow


          Mark Devoll

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            Hi Gbandjh32,


            Take a look at the following links. You'll find the most common reasons for this behavior.


            Remote Viewing Picture Quality: Some common reasons for poor picture quality


            Best Regards

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                255909222847003 Newbie

                It's likely a firewall setting. I've been getting this error too. It works on other pc's and on my phone, but not on the netbook. I can't believe Sling won't look into this.

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                  the link that  Sling provided did NOT answer your question. I believe you were not asking about pictue quality but simply not working

                  at all.

                  I have the same problem when I travel every year. After about 10 days- two weeks of working properly....it stops working completely.

                  I get

                  • Error: 0x8007274c
                  • Context: 1
                  • Operation:110


                  No one is at home using computer. Therefor there is no one tjhat is able to unplug or reset. There must be something that can be done before

                  I leave home on each trip over two weeks long to prevent this from happening.

                  My ISP is TimeWarner on a cable (not DSL). Time Warner tells me the IP address changes from time to time & this could be the


                  I do not know enough about computer things so I have no idea on how to prevent this from happening EVERY time I travel.


                  After all, the SlingBox is supposed to be for people that travel & have a high speed connection...which I always do.

                  On my most recent trip I actually hard wired the ethernet cable from SlingBox to Router....worked fine for a week then same ole problem.


                  Any suggestions...HELP....getting ready for another trip.


                  FOLLOW UP 06/02/2011:  Before my most recent 2 month trip I boutht a new router & have a direct ethernet cable

                  from Sling to Router THEN I added an on/off timer to the modem. It powers off nightly just after midnight &

                  back on 3minutes later.  IT WORKED FOR 2 MONTHS!!!


                  Previous tries  which did not work included connecting the on/off timer to the router instead of the modem.

                  I actually do not know if this new timerl-connection to the modem instead of router solved the problem

                  or the new router did???  I don't care which as long as it's working now.

                  My ISP TimeWarner gives me a dynamic conneciton (changes randomly, often around the week-2weeks) & when this happens

                  I've been told the router would no longer communicate with modem's new ip adress. I'm not sure why the on/off modem cycle

                  helps this communication now but it seems they are "reading" each other.

                  Pardon my terminolgy but I'm not a geek...wish I were...or could be.  It's always a learning process. This **** SlingBox

                  problem has been going on since I first got my Sling A/V in 2007 (I think) so u can imagine this FIX is more than welcome!


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