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    Not able to login via Slingplayer


      All of a sudden I am no longer able to use Slingplayer at all. It works fine on the home network but away from home is a no go!


      I am using the latest version of Slingplayer. When I try to login, the login window does not even open correctly. I just get a white small window with a thumbnail image of something....Not the login screen.

      I have gone through my firewall settings and made sure that everything flagged green for the slingbox. I have even tried with the firewall down.


      This is happening on our personal computer and my husband's computer from work.


      Any ideas?



        • Re: Not able to login via Slingplayer

          Seems like your router have lost the port forwarding settings. This could happen through a update on the router by your Internet service provider. that would be as well the reason why it works at home but not some elsewhere. Just think about a kind of firewall (NAT) between the Internet and your computer, installed on your Router.



          I would suggest to go on the website portforward.com. There you select your Router and the search for Sling. Try to re setup the port forwarding then it should work again. Furthermore you should search for port forwarding in this forum or on the help articles.



          Hope this helps, feedback would be nice.