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    I need a option to see image small but with better quality like on the mobile phone


      I bought the Sling video and I am very satisfied because is really a great idea.

      Unfortunately my ADSL is not so fast in upload and I can get the TV with not more than 220 Kbps.


      One my collegaue showed me the his I-phone and the quality of the picture on the small screen  is much better then the picture on my screen (Even if I reduce the size on the screen of monitor).


      He live near to me and had the same kind of ADLS ( same speed too).


      So I noted that with "same size" picture the quality on the mobile phone is much better than on the screen. Infact if I reduce the window of the image on my monitor the quality is still low.


      I would like to propose a little "plug-in" to give the chance to get the TV reducing the screen to 1/4 of the real size.

      In this way the quality on a small window should be much better.


      Besides I use Sling video 90% of times with reduced size in a window and this solution to reduce the size to get a better quality should be really perfect for me.


      I think that many persons can be in same situation and should be really great to do this for all of us.  Sorry for my poor English and many compliments for your GREAT idea!!!