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    Problem with Uverse and Slingbox


      Long time Slingbox user. Currently using a Classic and will probably will  upgrade to a Solo if I can figure out this issue. Recently had to have the Uverse Router CHanged out. Now if I try to connect the Cisco Box to the Slingbox, Uverse Shuts Down.


      I believe it is very similar to this post.




      I have used Cable connection from Uverse to Slingbox or Component  to Slingbox and each instance the Uverse Box Freezes until I disconnect either one.


      So is it the Slingbox or the Cisco box?  Is there any instance that the Slingbox could be shorting out the Router ( which is what Uverse tech is saying)?


      Not that this matters using a WRT54G as a wireless Bridge to connect of the internet.


      Any response will be appreciated!


      Paul C