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    Network Lights Solid but Still Can't Connect to AV


      Hey all! I'm hoping someone can help since I've yet to find anything useful on the slingbox.com support pages.


      I'm trying to set up my Slingbox AV after having it in a box for a while. I'm in a new apartment with a new router (Qwest modem/router combo). I've got the AV box set up with a wired connection to the router. Both lights on the Slingbox are solid (NOT blinking) so I'm assuming that means the slingbox is recognizing the internet connection. However, when I run the setup through slingbox.com, it can't seem to find the slingbox and is telling me it's not connected. All the help documents troubleshoot when the network light is blinking. But mine is solid.


      I can't seem to find any firewalls (windows firewall is off and when I log into the router there are no firewalls activated) so I'm just not sure what's going on!


      Does anyone have any suggestions?




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          I had the same  problem as you when I changed internet service providers. Solid network light, but couldn't find the Sling Box on the network.


          I just got off the phone with a Sling Box tech, and the problem is fixed. It cost me $29.99 for the call - which I think is ridiculous - so I'm going to share the solution with you for free. I hope it works for you.


          Here's all we did...


          Reset the Sling Box. That's it. Here's how you do it.


          Unplug your internet router for 5 seconds, then plug it back in and wait for the lights to light back up (on your router)


          Go to your Sling Box and find the small red red RESET button (on the back right side on my Sling Box Pro HD)


          Hold down the reset button for 20 seconds, and keep holding it down


          Unplug the power cord from the back of the Sling Box while keeping the reset button pressed


          Keep the reset button pressed for another 20 seconds, then release


          That did it. I had to go through the setup process again, but all works fine now.


          One helpful note... when you go through the set up, after naming your slingbox, it will ask you to create a user ID. If you already have one, scroll down and click "login" to enter your current login info.


          That's it. Hope it works for you!

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              Rbeach.. you're right 29.99 for what i was just told over the phone is completely unacceptable. I cant believe they charge that... I want to thank you  very much for posting this helpful information. Its very true everything he says will help you !!! thank you again!



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                  Thanks, Scottie. That's so cool that you came here - I presume to share with the forum the solution you helped me out with today. I'm not surprised, since you were incredibily professional, informative and helpful this morning - it makes sense that you would come here to provide info that would help others.


                  I really appreciate your help this morning. You were so clear on what my "free" options were, and before I paid the $29.99, you made sure I understood what it covered and what it didn't. I presume much of that is scripted for all agents to follow, but there was something in your delivery and tone throughout the call that made me feel you really wanted to make it good experience for me - you weren't just reading a script.


                  I have no problem paying $29.99 for the service you provided. I should have added to my comment that the $29.99 was well worth it for the service you provided. It just sucks that this simple solution wasn't something I was able to find in the forums. This isn't my first time dealing with tech product troubleshooting, so I'm a but embarrased that I didn't think of the "red reset button" option this time. But thanks for helping me out, and for being so professional about it.




                  btw, if you're ever looking for another job in tech customer care, let me know. I know some people who would be lucky to have you on their team.

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                  Hi rbeach,


                  Sorry to hear about having to pay that much! I'm so grateful that you posted that information but unfortunately it didn't work for me. I reset my router and slingbox as you described and both lights came on solid once more and yet still when I try to go through the set up process, it can't find my slingbox. I can't understand it for the life of me! Grrr!


                  I guess I'm going to have to pay $29.99 too.


                  Thanks for posting though! I appreciate it!



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                    This worked great, would seem like it returns the unit back to factory default settings.


                    Good effort thanks for sharing the info.

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                    when do you plug power cord back in?  Obviously pointless holding down reset when have no power.