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    Slingbox Pro missing DTT channels


      On setting my Slingbox Pro to use the digital antenna input it cannot see all of the channels.  All of the missing channels appear to be from a single DTT mux (UK Sandy Heath Freeview Mux 2 containing ITV, Channel 4, FIVE etc.)


      These channels are perfectly viewable and scannable on other DTT televisions on the same antenna in the same house although admittedly the signal is not the highest.


      Is there a way of forcing the Slingbox to include these channels?  Can I manually input the mux frequency?  Is there a way of using the Slingbox in both analogue and digital mode so I can pick up some of the missing channels on the parallel analogue broadcast?

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          I have exactly the same problem.  Im missing ITV, Channel 4 and 5.


          Other cheap freeview boxes pick them up no problem.


          Help otherwise I will miss Downton Abbey on Sunday !

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            I set the country to be Italy (rather than UK) and can now see all the channels, albeit with the wrong channel numbers.


            So the issue seems to be with the Slingbox Pro programming of which channel multiplexes are used in the UK.


            Any chance of an update, Slingbox folk?

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              Hello rubinho,


              If you are still having the same issue, feel free to visit the following link. You will find the troubleshooting steps for this issue.


              Some of my channels are missing in SlingPlayer. I can view them the regular way on my TV, so what's going on?


              I hope that helps.


              Best regards.

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                Well, I have had this problem for the last 2 years , with no software upgrade to fix it.

                It looks as if this superb product, in principle, is let down by a company with no real customer care program .


                So very very sad. Successive calls to their support in the early days did eventually find a support person who agreed that the product was causing the problem, earlier contacts tried to blame my location and it was them suggesting it was MY problem! It gives me no pleasure to see others still suffering - Please can the software people get their programming fingers working? If it is a hardware issue, let's see a recall to upgrade please.


                In England, Colchester I have 10M upload and Slingbox Pro gives me up to 1.3M max, but normally around 800K.


                One day I dream that I can set it to UK and tune all stations........


                Yours from Spain , struggling to find the right country to set it to - to give me most channels.

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                  I'm in the same boat as everyone else, with the digital change over come to my area in June, I'd love to be able to have the full list of UK channels. However I think its going to be a case of changing location to spain to get them and then guess at the channel numbers!!!


                  Shame that such a good product is let down by very poor software support.!!!!

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                    OH YES,


                    I went back to Denmark , only to set up my new pro HD , could see all channels......went back to Japan and now 4 of my favorite channels doesnt work ??  Why is that ?? 

                    Some of the "missing" channels are just like still pictures moving now and then.........but when its digital, it should be a problem with all my channels , shouldnt it ??


                    It looks like its mainly the HD channels..........    I have fast upload in Denmark.


                    Pls give me advice what to do......Im using a Mac Mini connected to my 65"  Sharp TV


                    Email.  johnnyrind@hotmail.com