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    audio and video sync with Pro HD



      I have set up the Pro HD and the video is great but the audio is not in sync.  When I plug into the router directly the video is crystal clear but the audio begins to go ahead of the video.  When I hit the pause or other buttons on the comcast remote it syncs again but then the video delays again after a few seconds.   When I try to view my cable box over the internet outside of my house, I find that the video and audio are in sync but video resolution is much lower.   I have purchased a new wireless router since I thought that the router was the issue but I am still experiencing the same issue within my home.  I mainly need the Pro-HD because I can not get a cable wire into the room that I want to watch TV.   Right now the audio issues prohit me from being able to watch any shows in my house.  Are there any settings that can sync the video and audio when I use my wireless router within the home?  I am willing to live with a lower video quality to sync the audio if I have to.  Thank you