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    There was an error connecting to the box



      I just purchased a slingbox solo and I am attempting to configure it for the first time.  After beginning the configuration, supplying the wizard with a slingbox name and password, then go through the firmware updates.  From there the next screen (Video Source) I receive the error stating "There was an error connecting to the box."  It also prompts me for my password.  I supply the password and hit next.  I am taken back to the very begninning of the configuration process in a seemingly never-ending loop.  I have forwarded port 5001 on my Netgear WNR3500.  I am attempting to do this on Windows 7.


      Has anyone else run into this problem?

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          Hello Ctravis,


          Since you are having issues configuring your new Slingbox, we recommend that you first reset the Slingbox, then if you are using SlingLinks, we recommend to run the setup with the Slingbox connected hardwired to the router, after this you can take it to the other room, please check this link;


          Are you having trouble updating your Slingbox Software (firmware) and you're using SlingLinks?


          If the setup keeps asking you for a password you can use "admin", that should work. But if the issue persists, don't hesitate to contact us and if you have a new box, you can can call us for free within 90 days.

          Let us know how it works.

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              I have a similar problem. I have had my slingbox for a month and successfully configured it using a pc running Windows XP. I have been able to watch TV via the slingbox as I travel. I have received today a new Dell PC running Windows 7. When I set up again using the new PC, The software finds the slingbox on the directory and it shows as available, When I select "configure inputs", it comes up with "which inputs do you want to configure", then immediately drops out to a new window that says "there was an error connecting to the box" and asks for password. When I enter it, it loops on the error message. I disabled the firewall on the new pc but it made no difference. I went back to the XP PC and config'ed everything ok, as usual.

              Any ideas anyone?