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    DVR 622 and Slingbox solo


      I currently have 2 Dish 622 DVRs connected to my wiFi Router using the Slinglink power adaptor. If I add a slingbox solo can I use the existing Slinglink or do I need to use Sling Turbo? If I have to use a Sling Turbo will my DVRs still connect to the router? Dish Network tell me the Slingbox will work with the  Slinglink and the DVRs - just looking for confirmation (wonder why?) Just trying to save a few bucks by not buying the Turbo.


      Thanks, Keith

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          Hello 255909051118906.


          If you are using the SlingLinks Classic or the SlingLink TURBO 1-Port, you will only be able to connect one device to it, meaning that in order for you to send Ethernet signal to both devices at the same time (DVR and Slingbox) you will need to purchase a set of SlingLinks TURBO 4-Port, therefor the two devices can be connected at the same time.


          Use this links for additional product information,


          SlingLink TURBO


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