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    slingplayer mobile on htc evo 4g


      I have fios 35/35

      i have htc evo 4g

      i have slingbox pro hd


      purchased the mobile app the 2nd day it came out, it worked ok, the stream wasnt the best but at least it was smooth, this was under 3g connection, when i use wifi at home i get a great picture smooth playback. no problems here, when i use it under 4g connection i get choppy pixilated video, almost worse than under 3g connection, when i do a speed test under 4g it says im getting 3-7mbps, my question is why is the video quality trash compared to wifi at home or even compared to 3g, you would think that since im getting up to 7mbps i could get a great video picture that is smooth but that is the opposite if what im getting.


      another problem i am having is the video under 3g/4g/or wifi is "strobe" like in playback, it is no longer smooth like it was when i first bought the product.

      does this have anything to do with the box getting a firmware update? i tried resetting the phone to factory settings & i also uninstalled/reinstalled the slingplayer app for my phone with no success. why cant i get a great picture like i do at home under wifi on the 4g network?


      also why cant we get regular updates on the slingplayer mobile application?

      is it asking to much to keep us in the loop on upcoming changes?  are you going to up the quality of the stream? or just leave it as it is?

      i paid $340 for the slingbox and mobile app the least you can do is keep us informed.

      you dont even give us stats on your products, how much bandwidth does the mobile app use during 3g/4g/wifi?


      it seems slingbox is not good streaming under 3g, because now all i get is choppy strobe video.

      other options like justin tv or atdhe.net are better options watching video on 3g than sling box is.

      please help.

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          tunez4us Newbie

          Same probs on my Evo.  Fine on WiFi but almost unwatchable on 3G with a stop and start every 2-3 seconds, even with a strong signal. Even though i have the Pro-HD, at the moment I'm connected to a standard cable box so I'm not even trying to stream HD.  That should be a real nightmare.


          They should have brought this out as a free beta and when stable, charged their $30 for a stable version.  They definitely need to incorporate a large configurable buffer...maybe even to the SD card.  At least with Orb, you could set a streaming speed.  Not a great picture, but no incessant hiccups.


          C'mon Sling, you can do better that this.