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    Can't Connect Through Home Network


      I have a new computer I wan't to set up with our Slingbox.  I get to a point in the setup where it reads "Slingbox Directory" at the top and it has a picture of the Slingbox with "My Slingbox" (green light) and "Local Network (Available)".  When I click on this icon nothing happens.  The Slingbox works fine in my other computer  Any suggestions?.




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          dbsguy Apprentice

          How is your new computer hooed to your network? Is is hooked to the same router as the other slingbox working pc(s), or is there another router, hub, or bridge involved i the new computers connection?


          If your connected wirelessly, are you connected to the same origional router or do you have a wirless bridge in play. Better yet, are you connected by chance to a neighbors wifi signal?


          Also, on the new pc, I'm assuming you have already installed slingplayer?...? If not you need to do so; then then make sure it's on your firewall programs allowed list of programs/ports to work properly.