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    Any help connecting my WinMo phone to DishNet 922 DVR


      I just got set up with DishNet today and picked up their 922 that has Sling loaded in the DVR.  I can make it work on my laptop but am trying to get it setup on my phone.  I didn't see that my phone (Sprint Palm Treo Pro) was in the supported list but I just said I had a Sprint Intrepid instead and downloaded the cab.  The install went fine & I was able to register the Sling Player Mobile app without any issues.


      Next I went in & entered my e-mail & password.  Now when I choose directory, I am only getting the first gen Sling Player that I had from ages ago & I can't see the 922 at all.  Am I missing something in the install?  I think that I've followed all of the directions from the DishNet page.


      Anyone have any suggestions for me?  Is there a way to go in and remove a slingbox from my profile?  Perhaps I need to do this first?


      Thanks in advance for any help!