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    Another admin password issue, please help


      My issue began after I replaced my old Slingbox Solo and have attempted to set up and configure.  The set up assistant will not allow me to configure without an admin password.  However, I have never set up an admin password for this new slingbox.  Also, I have reset the Slingbox multiple times in attempts to reset this admin pw with no success. Also, when I check the router check firewall settings, it appears that the new slingbox is already named "My Slingbox," now is this by default?  There are times when I get a window asking me to name my slingbox while providing the Slingbox ID or Slingbox IP address, and when I copy the info from what my router is reading (for the Sling IP address), it tells to me that the IP address is already set up for "My Slingbox" and does not allow me to go further at this point.  I feel like I'm stuck in a loop, as if the software is still reading my old slingbox even tho that is long gone.  Please help!!!