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    Cannot Control Tivo via Slingbox Software


      I am running Windows XP with Slingbox software

      I am trying to set up my Tivo HD and I can see video no problem, but I cannot get the tivo remote in SP to control the Tivo.

      I have run the set up, but cannot get the SB to test out with the Power function.

      I have checked the blasters with my video camera and they are working fine.  To be sure, I swapped them with my other SB that was working and it continues to work and the replacement blasters do not work either.

      I have tested the receiver location by covering up the front of the Tivo and sliding the cover to the side as I push buttons on the Tivo remote, so I am pretty sure my blasters are located correctly.


      Again, video and audio come through just fine - I just can't get the remote control to work.


      Any suggestions??